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In this blog, we examine what detox is, what happens during the process, and answer the question: “Is detox enough?” “Detoxification is a set of interventions aimed at managing acute intoxication and withdrawal.” – Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Association Oftentimes, substance users develop a physiological dependence on the chemicals they use. The sudden removal of those chemicals can cause complications ranging from slight discomfort to extreme physical complications, including seizure and even death in the most extreme cases. In its most basic sense, detox is the medical treatment of the physical addiction to a substance. During this phase of recovery, a patient’s medical team works to assure that physiological dependence and withdrawal symptoms are safely and comfortably managed. The process of detoxification involves oversight by a professional medical team who are trained to assist in the gradual withdrawal from dependency. Primary components of detox include: Evaluation – Detox begins by assessing the presence of substances in the bloodstream and measuring their concentration. A thorough evaluation will also include a screening for co­-occurring mental or physical conditions, such as depression. These insights are used to develop a plan for stabilization. Stabilization – During this time, doctors and nurses will assist the patient through acute withdrawal. This involves the use of prescribed medications in a safe and comfortable environment. Preparing for entry to treatment – Many detoxification programs stress the importance of following through with a comprehensive continuum of care following treatment. The length of time that a person is in detox varies based on several factors. How long a person has been using, the amounts and types of drugs used, a patient’s overall physical health, patient’s age (the detox process typically takes longer as people Aetna coverage for Methadone Rehab age), complicating medical factors and other issues all impact how long acute detox will take. Many patients will continue a detoxification taper while residing at and participating in a primary treatment program. The goal of detoxification is to end the initial symptoms of withdrawal. However, the physical, psychological, and spiritual effects of alcohol or drug use can continue long after substances have been removed from the body. Without proper treatment, those with the disease of addiction are unlikely to stay sober for good. This is why the National Institute of Drug Abuse recommends that detox serves as a single component of a comprehensive approach to recovery.

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